Setting up an online store and expecting sales to come rushing in, unfortunately isn’t realistic.

The good news is, you can get more eyes on your products with a customized e-commerce SEO strategy.

E-Commerce SEO

Here are a few ways we help your business stand out:

  • Optimized titles and description for ALL products.
  • A review-gathering strategy.
  • Schema markup.

Why these matters:

  1. Titles and descriptions with the proper keyword research will help you reach a niche audience. People search by looking for specific products.
  2. Reviews are great because they often contain keywords and search engines love when new content is added to pages. Your customers are essentially paying you AND doing work for you!
  3. Schema markup helps search engines understand a bit more about your website and products. For example, you can show the star rating, whether the product is in stock and also the price. This addition helps us improve click-through rates by 25%!

These details about your product are how we optimize your products. This helps you get an advantage over your competitors.