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Are you looking for more website traffic?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then you need to consider mobile SEO. It’s time to start thinking mobile-first.

Mobile SEO

Since search engines like Google are already starting to think mobile-first, you need to consider how search results will change in the near future.

Voice search and searches performed on mobile devices will become common.

We’re prepared for the big change and we’re here to help you with your mobile SEO.

What’s the difference between desktop and mobile SEO?

For both desktop and mobile, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Page Speed
  • Keywords
  • User Experience
  • Screen Size

The user experience is the biggest difference. You need to consider the placement of items on your page and also the nature of scrolling on a mobile device. Also, with your responsive design, how your items will translate from your desktop version to your mobile version.

It’s much easier to optimize for desktop since it’s easier to test and use on a desktop computer.

This opens up an opportunity for you. Most of your competitors are likely only focused on a desktop version of their website and will need to scramble once search engines switch to a mobile-first approach.

We’d love to hear about your experience with mobile so far. Contact us below and ask us how we can help you avoid common mobile SEO mistakes.

How do I increase website traffic for my small business?

Optimizing products and business information can help drive more traffic to your website and make it clear that your business exists and is ready to accept orders.

What are some common mobile SEO mistakes for a small business?

  •    Slow loading pages
  •    Keyword Stuffing (listing hundreds of city names you serve)
  •    Not having original content
  •    Not optimizing for voice search

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