Many small business owners overlook the artistic side to building a great brand. By paying closer attention to design elements like visual consistency, logos, key colors and typefaces, this will help set your business apart from your competitor’s, and create a cohesive and memorable brand.

Keeping visual consistency with print designs and web designs will allow consumers to recognize and remember a brand. If a brand carries no visual consistency in its campaigns, this will confuse the consumer every time the consumer sees a new pitch.

When designing a logo, the final logo should always be rendered in different colors, that way if a company needed to design a campaign against a colored background, they would already have a rendered logo ready to use. Each business’s color palette should always correspond and remain somewhat consistent with their logo’s visual appearance. It is crucial to always keep the logo’s key colors consistent and to a minimum of two or three colors.

 The same typefaces for a business should also be chosen for the brand. It is important to choose a handful of fonts that will be used consecutively whether in print or web design. For example, when Ready Artwork designed AU79’s website, the designers used a san serif font for all paragraph text, and a playful, bold and hand-written like font to catch the consumer’s attention. Using different fonts will help guide an audience to further engage in the print or web design. By maintaining these key elements, business owners are given an extra push when compared to their competitors.

Business owners will see a drastic change in brand loyalty when using these artistic elements. When consumers see a consistent use of elements and styling in a brand, they perceive it to be of higher quality, and are more willing to invest in a brand. With more investors, a brand will lead to a boost in revenue! Does your brand have a consistent visual appeal? Use these benefits, and let Ready Artwork generate the sales you have always wished for!