Imagine if you were purchasing an expensive leather jacket online and just when you were on the final steps of checkout, an error caused your order to fail? It is a very frustrating scenario that no customer or website owner should encounter. Unfortunately, it happens a lot more than many of us realize and this is the premise that got us thinking about quality control. With Ready Artwork’s quality control, we have an extra process that identifies problems on a website before it goes to a client for further testing. When developing websites, there are errors that get overlooked during the communication and build process, Ready Artwork Quality Control was created to catch and fix as many issues before a website goes live.

So what is Ready Artwork Quality Control (RAQC)? RAQC is a multi-step testing process that maximizes the chances of internally catching problems on a website before it launches live to the World Wide Web where it gets debugged by the client’s team again.  As they say, “the devil is in the details”, by filtering out errors, a website can bring a lot of value to a brand and gives visitors a much better user experience.

The Ready Artwork Quality Control Process:
RAQC consists of 3 steps, 1 – Visual tests, 2 – Function tests and 3 – Re-tests.
Visual tests are exactly what you would imagine them to be, we look at a website visually to making sure logo’s and other branding elements are up to standard, check on alignment of graphics, scan through navigation and titles for common spelling errors, make sure that there is no filler text on content pages, check on quality of images/graphics and match the client-approved custom artwork to the working website.  An example would be the buttons below. Buttons should be clear like the one on the left and not the one on the right that is blurry or pixelated.

After the Visual test, our second step is Function test. Again, with simple naming, Function test consists of testing out all functions that were requested for built by the client. Items such as forms, blogs, galleries, coupons, transactional shopping features and other special features all get tested. For e-commerce websites, the final step for function testing is to run a live credit card transaction to make sure that customers can make purchases easily.

Once our QC team is done with our visual and function test, the last step is to re-test all the sites on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Any bugs or issues are recorded and given to our web development team to fix. After fixing the problem, we re-test the entire process again.

Quality control is an important process because it helps us identify problems that are on a website before it goes live. Ready Artwork performs quality control on every website we build with our RAQC process to ensure that our client’s get the most out of their website!