Top 11 Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversion Rate

The help of Shopify apps can make your e-commerce business more competitive and increase conversions more successfully. By integrating these applications into your Shopify store, you will be able to enhance the performance of your online store. The fact is that it does help and can certainly help you increase conversions. Let us take a closer look at the power of Shopify apps and how you can use them for your benefit.


This is a great app to create dynamic themed product pages. 

One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to customizing your page templates is that the Shopify themes you can download aren’t necessarily always as “ready to go” like those available in the marketplace. 

The great thing is, you can create, customize and edit unlimited pages with 30+ quick-start templates. No matter what theme your store uses, you can use Shogun’s visual builder.

To spruce things up further you can add custom elements such as custom code, advanced forms, sliders, accordions, and countdown timers to your pages with 33 drag-and-drop page components.

You would think that all these added elements would slow down the functionality of your page, not so. Shogun is designed to load your Shopify site faster and optimizing images will help you convert more customers.


Growing your Shopify store with brand reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and user-generated content is easy with Growave.

There are a number of great features of Growave to take advantage of. One of the main features we’d like to focus on is the Instagram shopping feed. Your audience can take advantage of shoppable Instagram galleries that can be crafted with the Instagram API, allowing your customers to shop right from the Instagram feed.

Enhance product discovery, drive inspiration, and boost sales by integrating stunning Instagram & UGC galleries across your site.

Shoppable galleries can be embedded on your homepage, product pages, or anywhere else you like.

Imagine how that can increase conversion for your Shopify store! Instead of your customers having to go and find what products you have posted on your organization’s Instagram, they can buy an item right through the Instagram post. Get excited about high conversions!


The first mistake that I see a lot of people make is when they try to build an e-commerce store with just a couple of pages. They tend to get a free store template with limited customization option, fill in the content, and then wonder why they aren’t seeing sales.

Privy Shopify app is a free app with extra benefits that will help with high conversions. You can encourage shoppers to buy more the easy way. By implementing cross-sell campaigns and free shipping bars that encourage customers to spend more, you can increase the value of your average order.

You can automate your email marketing. For example, you can send newsletters, promotions, and one-off emails. In addition, set up an automated follow-up after purchase to recover from abandoned carts.

Do you want more traffic? More traffic can be converted. Popup templates and display templates help convert visitors into buyers. Use them to offer discounts and build a mailing list.

Candy Rack

This is an upsell app that makes it easy to upsell & cross-sell to customers directly on their product pages – right after they click on the Add to Cart button. An Upsell pop-up is presented in the form of a slick display that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Candy Rack is a great tool to add to your Shopify ecommerce store adventures for high conversions. You want your Shopify store to display multiple items that you think your customers will find valuable. Candy Rack does that and inevitably consumers will add some of those suggestions to their cart. In return, you just gave your conversion rate a kick in the pants!

This is done via a pop-up. Your pop-up can be completely customized to match your storefront and content. Custom CSS can be used if needed.

The upsells are powered by artificial intelligence saving you time and energy. By analyzing the purchase history (i.e., frequently bought together logic) of your e-commerce store, the product recommendations because the algorithm automatically recommends upselling products.

This app keeps the design and user experience for mobile devices in mind. Most customers shop using mobile devices. The Candy Rack pop-up is designed to be seamless on mobile devices.


This is a BRILLIANT app that takes every opportunity possible to increase conversions for your e-commerce store. “Nudges” are notifications that help you sell more items, through popup notifications and social proof. They show people what they want, or remind them that they have something they want.

Nudgify is a Shopify app with a difference. Most nudge apps aim to increase customer engagement, but Nudgify shows you what users actually bought, so you can use them to sell more.

Nudgify tells you what your customers are doing (clicking on). Also, it shows consumers the latest products from your store or products that are about to run out.

This Shopify app will even offer your “on the fence” buyers a discount. Nudgify is more than just notifications. Nudgify lets you show your customers what other people have bought. This social proof helps you sell more.

Nudgify goes beyond customer engagement. It can help boost sales.


Getting new customers is more expensive than marketing to existing ones and for this reason, improving retention and customer lifetime value is a very smart investment a store can take.

Reveal by Omniconvert helps solve this problem. This app is a great analytics tool that helps you understand how to acquire, retain and improve the lifetime value of customers. This app helps merchants and retailers analyze customers’ behavior and then segments customers into various groups, ranging from those likely to buy more, to those who are about to move on to leave your brand for good.

With this data, you can easily create personalized offers to suit each group, create dynamic custom and look-alike audiences, and also create highly personalized email flows and campaigns.

Campaign Monitor

Here is another great app to consider for high conversions! If you want a turn-key email marketing solution that combines your email service provider, email marketing application, and shopping cart into one simple platform, Campaign Monitor is the right tool for you. With their powerful set of features armed with pre-built workflow templates, you can build multiple forms of buyer attraction emails and newsletters on top of easily customizing your emails to reflect your brand’s voice.


Firepush is an app that allows you to re-engage qualified leads on a number of platforms. The system can be used to increase your conversion rate significantly

Firepush provides users with a multitude of automated re-marketing options to be sent via SMS, email, and push notifications. It not only enables you to promote abandoned items but also back-in-stock products or events by sending out countdown timers, flash sales notifications, and more.


Swell is a marketing automation platform that provides businesses with powerful tools to retain customers. The Swell app, powered by the original Shopify app, helps you quickly create loyalty campaigns for your Shopify store. Thanks to its integrated email tool, this app can be easily integrated with email marketing software, so you can automate your customer retention strategy.

Swell is an app built by the same company that brought you Yotpo. It allows you to incentivize certain behaviors on your site and rewards your users for sharing and posting on social media.

Yotpo Reviews

Imagine putting the best-looking part of your page right at the front. With Yotpo, you can create a state-of-the-art review experience within your Shopify store in no time. This app combines a clean and modern design, a simple installation process, and powerful tools to make you a winner in the long run. Integrating this solution with other channels will also put you in a stronger position.

Customer reviews, good or bad, are undoubtedly one of the primary deciding factors for most shoppers. It’s a fact that we have more confidence in purchasing an item if several people have had a positive experience with it.

As a consumer, we trust testimonials from other customers more than the website store’s descriptions, and because of this, we typically give more credence to reviews by strangers than to those by friends.

Reviews are a powerful tool that shouldn’t be ignored. This is why your Shopify store needs Yotpo.


Optimonk Shopify Optimonk makes it easy to create personalized popups. They convert at least twice as well as onsite messages that aren’t personalized. 

Simple and easy to use, the Optimonk App will enable you to persuade more customers to get in touch, get more social media followers and get more sales. With four different kinds of on-page messages: pop-ups, nano-bars, sidebars, and full-screen messages, this app includes efficient templates so you can personalize the element to match your brand style.

This app allows you to show stylish, clean pop-ups on your Shopify pages. The app boasts amazing flexibility, but only if you are following an effective marketing strategy. Meaning, this app should not be your all in all marketing strategy. It is best paired with email or even SMS marketing.

So, in closing, what can the right Shopify app do for your Shopify store? Well, a lot. If you have not added a Shopify app that helps you increase conversions, that right there could be the missing ingredient to your e-commerce store, sky-rocketing in profits.

Do you need help boosting your Shopify store sales? A successful Shopify store is simple, modern, clean, and easy to navigate. It’s designed with your customers in mind to help them find the products they’re looking for. We’ll help you create an e-commerce website that converts more visitors to sales. Contact us to get started!

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