2015 success with web design trends

Technology is always rapidly advancing and web design techniques do not fall short with this growth. So the question is how can you make sure your website is as advanced as possible without constantly updating it? Web design trends normally take time to trickle down before they go from being a trend to becoming a norm. Take homepage sliders for example – just a few years ago, most people didn’t know what it was and now it is found on most websites. To maximize the longevity of your website without doing multiple upgrades, strive for designs with the most forward thinking as possible. Here are some web design techniques that are on the rise to being the latest trends of 2015 and possibly making its merge into the norm.

responsive web design trend1. Responsive Web Design

With more and more devices available now, maintaining the visual aesthetics of your website may be a little tricky. Before, monitor sizes were generally similar with little range. Now, we have audiences viewing your website from devices as small as a mobile cell phone to as large as big screen TV’s streaming the internet. Responsive websites conform to your viewer’s screen size, optimizing it for the best browsing experience. So instead of viewing small content on a large TV or gigantic pictures on a small cell phone, all visitors will be able to read your content at a comfortable size.

2. Flat Design

This trend revolves around two simple words – material design. Flat design had already begun to make its appearance in early 2014 but since Google released their Material Design specs, popularity of flat design has increased tremendously. The goal of Google’s Material Design was to simply create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. These principals rely on flat design with strong colors, supported by movement, and giving every design choice purpose and reason.

Large images web design trends3. Large Images (And Videos)

Who wouldn’t stop to look at a large, beautiful photo? This is a quick and simple way to grab your viewer’s attention and just hold them in awe. A few years ago, this would have been problematic as large images tend to slow down website’s page speed and images with text would lose its SEO benefits. Now new technology allows websites to hold your large images of beauty, while preserving your text to stay as editable type, rather than being flattened into your image file. And if that isn’t enough, large videos are also slowly gaining in popularity, not only as an attention grabber, but it also provides a more personal touch so that the audience feels like they’ve made a connection with the minds behind their screen.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is probably the most engaging and effective web design trend of this coming year. Though websites from the big players such as Apple and Google (and the Space Needle), already utilize this technique, it will really begin to gain popularity as people begin to realize its benefits. Recent studies have shown that people prefer to scroll over click. Not only does it take less effort to scroll but clicking may not always be apparent. The effects from parallax scrolling provides smooth transitions from one point to another, all while eliminating the need to reload a page after clicking a button. This provides a consistent flow of information while keeping your audience’s attention.

typography5. Typography

Strong typography will really take its reign this coming year. In earlier years, maintaining what your text looked like on all screens was difficult as not everyone had the same font choices on their computer. Cloud fonts have really proven their usefulness these last few years as they provide a major contribution to consistent typography. This trend goes hand in hand with several of the earlier trends mentioned. Just imagine your website with strong typography and striking images that deliver information in a minimalistic style, while parallax scrolling provides the bridge to all your information. Absolutely magical.

Don’t let your website fall behind with technology and jump on these web design trends as soon as you can. Maximize the longevity of your website by considering cost efficiency and optimize for user experience. Contact Ready Artwork today if you have any questions regarding your current website or if you’re interesting in creating a new one.