top 5 b2b extensions and plugins for magento 2

If you have ever had a website, you know that there are always features that you would love to have or would make your life easier in order for you to continually be increasing sales.

Magento 2 is a very powerful platform with an endless amount of features even out of box but there are times when you’ll need an extension in order to help you get the most out of your website in terms of functionality.

In this post, we’ll go over the 5 best Magento 2 extensions to help you super-charge your B2B website.

Cart2Quote Magento 2 Extension

When you run a B2B business, often times you’ll need a custom quote function because orders can vary drastically.

This is where the Cart2Quote extension can help you.

It solves 2 problems if configured correctly.

It allows you create custom proposals from the backend to save you time.

Along with saving time, it makes your customers more loyal and they get better pricing proposals.

As you can see, the ‘get a quote’ button is similar to the ‘add to cart’ function.

In short, you can easily do the following items that make running your business easier:

  1. Calculate profit
  2. Assign sales reps
  3. Convert quotes to orders


The Not2Order extension gives you complete control to show or not show pricing and even have the ability to remove the add to cart function.

It’s simple and straightforward and easy to configure.

You can use both Cart2Quote and Not2Order to give you the power to display pricing on the pages you want along with the cart and quote functionalities.

B2B Suite by IWD 

The B2B Suite extension by IWD gives you a wide variety of options. We will list out the 3 main ones here:

Set Account Credit Limits. For example, you can set a $5,000 credit limit for your wholesale customers. You can even set which types of payment methods are acceptable and these limits can be reset after 30 days.

Bulk ordering tables give your customer the ability to quickly put orders together. The customers can see all products available, preview and make adjustments.

You should be a big proponent of customer loyalty. Being able to skip the traditional ordering process by creating an uploading a CSV file saves time and by allowing this, lets your customers re-order with ease .

Product Questions Extension by Creative Minds

This extension on the surface looks like it benefits B2C customers but it can work for both and it also has a double effect.

First, it gives you the ability to receive, approve, then answer questions on product pages.

Customers who are searching for products often want their questions answered and may even need more details than what is provided (additional specifications etc).

Second, it helps your store get some unique user-generated content which will help your SEO. Your customer who is doing research is likely to discover your products if they’re typing these same questions into Google.

In the end, you’ll have full control of which questions you decide to show.

Customer Group Catalog by Amasty

One major thing you want to do is get as many opportunities to convert visitors into customers and the Customer Group Catalog by Amasty helps you do just that.

A simple function this extension provides is it allows you to replace all prices on your website with a ‘call for price’ call to action.

From there, you can either have your sales team talk with them or you can get the visitor redirected to a sign up page to get approval for your wholesaler section of your website.

Otherwise, you could be allowing visitors to slip away without gaining their contact information; like leaving money on the table.

The most notable feature however, is that the extension allows you to provide customer groups with selective access to the store catalog. Always have control of which customers see what you want them to see in the same way that you want to personalize their experience on your website.

These are our 5 choices but it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when selecting and installing extensions.

Evaluate the needs of your business and take the time to fully understand the extension. Also, be forewarned that you should review who created the extension as well as the compatibility & support provided.

Each website and business is unique so if you would like some feedback on extensions you’re considering, we’d love to provide it for you!

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