[2018 Update] Your Ultimate Website Spring Cleaning Checklist


ultimate website spring cleaning to do list

Why should spring cleaning only be limited to your house? You should also be cleaning up your website!

From 2014, when this blog post was last written, technology and trends have evolved so rapidly you have to make sure that your website is still up to date and meet your customers’ needs. So here is the ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Website for 2018:

  1. Is the copyright year on the footer of your website updated?
  2. Are all of the links on your website working? Some links will suddenly lead to a 404 error page, not a great experience for the user.
  3. Is your blog or news section updated? It should be updated on a consistent basis to show your customers that you are an expert in your field and stay up to date.
  4. Do you have SSL Certificate for your website? You must ensure that your website is secure so that your customers’ information doesn’t get hacked.
  5. Is any information on the website outdated? Replace things like updated business hours, new locations, new products and services. The best thing to keep your customers happy is to have information that is relevant and up to date. It can be frustrating to your readers if they can’t find what they need on your website. As a result, visitors might not even come back to your site again.
  6. Do any of the pages look outdated? Trends change rapidly so it’s crucial to tweak designs or revamp your website’s look. For instance, you can simply add more colors, visual effects, and pictures; even updating the main banners on your homepage can make a huge difference
  7. Most importantly for 2018, is your website mobile first? Google will be prioritizing rankings for mobile-optimized websites so unless your website has been designed to be mobile-first, regardless if the majority of your visitors come through on mobile, it will severely affect your website’s ranking.

If you make sure to check off all these spring cleaning items, this will keep your customers happy and coming back for more! If you’re thinking about updating your logo or applying some “spring cleaning” to your website with web development or graphic design, Ready Artwork is here to help!

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