Visuals have become a key component in capturing the attention of your customers. To better solve our clients’ problems, Ready Artwork expanded our capabilities to include motion graphics, video production, and photography.

Every business has a message and we want to help relay that message to your customers, whether it’s through an instructional motion graphic, company video, or product photography. Our designers, videographers, and photographers take the time to analyze and understand the concept that our clients are trying to convey for their business.



The Possibilities:

Logo Animations
Instructional Animation Videos
Company Videos
Informational Videos
Product Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Gym Advertising

You might not have the equipment or team necessary so video production and photography might sound very intimidating to a business but our team is here to assist you. No matter the industry, we have a visual impact that you need in order to enhance your company’s marketing strategies!


Monrovia Water Conservation Video

Infographic flyers are often the go-to medium in these kinds of situations but a video can be so much more memorable and impactful than just images and text to inspire action in the local community. It’s been proven that audiences retain visual information much better and more accurately than information they either read or hear.

The City of Monrovia came to Ready Artwork to work on an informational water conservation video to alert the public that the drought was actually not over. We’ve worked with the city on a number of different projects, so we were very excited to support the city alongside this campaign.


It was crucial that this video conveyed a sense of urgency but also credibility to inspire action. A big challenge was overcoming people’s misconceptions about the drought.

Insights & Research

Our team worked and communicated closely with the City of Monrovia to fine tune a script for a short video that would be easily shareable but still educate the public. From there, we created a mood board, inspired by many other public service announcement to see how we could go above and beyond existing content. After initial research, our team decided that motion graphics was the perfect way to educate the residents of Monrovia about this issue. Many other similar videos were often done with actors, our team felt that an animated video would make the video stand out and also much more memorable. After these items were completed, our video team created a storyboard envision what scenes were needed for the video.


The final product was so engaging and memorable that it inspired other local cities to contact our team about creating their own water conservation video! Continue reading to discover our video process and how our team created a video that was effective and impactful.


Our motion graphics team took this research to start creating graphics that would fit with the script. An essential part to this video was the voice that would accompany the graphics. Our team choose a firm but optimistic voice that complemented the message and set the tone for the entire video.

Our Results

The client was very ecstatic about the final product and the video was also featured on the Monrovia City Manager’s Update email and all over the city’s social media channels, receiving very positive feedback from the community and garnering over hundreds of videos on their website.

Video marketing is so crucial for any campaign or business. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks and content with visuals get 94% more total views.

Are you utilizing video to its fullest potential for all your business’ needs? Contact Ready Artwork to see how videos can boost your company’s digital marketing strategy.

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