Welcome back to another installment of Ready Artwork’s Web Wednesday ! I am sure you have heard a lot about Apple’s popular iPad and a myriad of other tablets, but have you heard about the newly designed Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface Technology

The Microsoft Surface is a tablet designed and engineered with Windows 8 and, like many other tablets, its very own app store and standard web browsing capabilities. Every day the number of tablet owners is increasing, and it’s easy to see why. Browsing on a tablet gives the user a very different experience than browsing on a desktop or laptop because it is literally more hands on. Tablets, like the Surface or the Ipad, feature capacitive touchscreen technology that allows the user to navigate by simply tapping or touching the screen.

Touch technology breathes new life into web design and development, revolutionizing how we see and experience the web. New Code Libraries have been developed for programmers to integrate touch technology into tablet browsers, such as Sencha and Jquery Mobile.Rather than having to click through sliders and image galleries, users can now swipe through each image with a single touch of their fingers. And this is only the beginning in the evolution of tablet technology.

When building your website, you should consider whether or not to extend your website to tablets to provide a more interactive and user-friendly experience, especially with so many users switching to tablets and smartphones.

Ready Artwork does just that! Ready Artwork uses the latest web technologies to build websites that are not only optimized for desktops and laptops, but for tablets as well. Visit m.readyartwork.com to see our work!

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