Web Wednesday: How Small Business Are Taking Over the World!


Welcome back to Ready Artwork’s Web Wednesday! Today, we’ll take a look at the importance of small business and how they are actually taking over the world! According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 27,000,000 small businesses in the United States.

If you’d like to help support Ready Artwork in a big way, check out the amazing grant for small businesses that is currently being offered by Chase and LivingSocial called “Mission: Small Business.”

Chase and LivingSocial are encouraging small business owners to participate because this is an opportunity for the “underdogs” to shine. However, the task is not that easy.  Small business owners are required to tell Chase and LivingSocial why their business is “a diamond in the rough,” plus an outline of a proposed plan for utilizing the grant to not only improve their business but also positively affect their community.

Applicants have from May 7th to June 30th to receive at least 250 valid Votes during the Voting Period. Applications will then be reviewed by Sponsors or their representatives based on the criteria listed below. Finalists are then reviewed using the same criteria by a panel, which may include senior executives of Sponsors and other notable business executives.

The criteria each small business will be judged by:

  • Solid business & management team/owner;
  • Well thought-out and feasible growth plan;
  • Likelihood to succeed within a two-year time frame;
  • Positive impact on local/relevant community (e.g. job creation, meeting an unfulfilled need, etc.) and demonstrated local support; and
  • Energy, enthusiasm, creativity and passion for your business.

Small business employment has been steadily increasing during 2012, which gives a much-needed boost to the US economy.  Business unit president for CBIZ Payroll Services, Philip Noftsinger, says, “What’s really going to be important for a domestic recovery is those small businesses. What really will drive a positive movement in the economy is getting that small business employment back up and getting cash in the hands of consumers.”  (MSNBC)

Please help support Ready Artwork in San Gabriel, California reach 250 votes! We are currently at 167 votes! Follow our super easy visual step-by-step outline on how to support us! 🙂

Small Business Grant Support Ready Artwork

Thank you!

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