We have heard all sorts of reasons why small businesses would opt out of getting a website created. Some say they are too small to need one, others claim it is too expensive. There are also many who simply conclude it is too time consuming or that a website won’t really make a difference. Read on to find out why these are all misconceptions and how a website would benefit your business.

1. Businesses of any size and industry can benefit from having an online identity from a website. Creating a business website will give you leverage to compete with brick and mortar as well as online stores. According to Nielson, 95% of tablet shoppers and 72% of smartphone shoppers make purchases with their device at home. Remember that consumers generally look for information online first. It is time to recognize the power of establishing an online presence for your business.

2. Website design can be affordable. Many web design companies, including Ready Artwork, offer an array of products and features for businesses of all sizes. Find out your business core and get features that suit you. Note that sometimes less is more; meaning the less you place on your site, the less it will cost and can even be better and easier to view for your visitors. Also remember, with a website, your store is open 24/7 to potential customers who can be browsing from anywhere, any time.

3. Getting your business website launched online is a lot more flexible and quick compared to establishing a brick and mortar store. With a website, you have a say in navigation, functions, and the overall layout design for your store. You can also help to speed up the process by having your site’s content, such as photos and texts ready once design is complete. And the best part about an online store- you can track traffic with free analytic software.

4. If you thought a website won’t make a difference for your service based business, you are more than wrong. Many industries that do not sell physical products still own a website. Restaurants, financial planners, insurance companies, contractors, security companies, spas etc., are some of the few industry that we know are always looking to update their website. Many small businesses are realizing that a website can help to showcase their culture and generate a draw for potential customers. This in turn can increase conversion and drive business sales.

You may still have doubts for getting a website project started, but it’s never too late to shop around and begin inquiring. Also be sure to evaluate and assess the firm’s work before you lock in to get started. As in all purchases, quality is always valuable, so why not give your business added value by establishing yourself online today.

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