Every business needs a website. Imagine not having a phone number or an email address for customers to contact you.

You would be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in missed opportunities.

Without a website for your business that is optimized for local search and leads, you are missing out on sales.

Small Businesses Website Design

Your small business might feel like it’s at a disadvantage compared to the big players but with the right strategy, you can start small but win big. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from a simple 1-page website with the basic information to guide your users.

If you combine that with your optimized Google Business listing, you already have a big advantage over your competitors. Our Small Business Website Design packages are customized to your needs and will get customers contacting you and ensure they know where your business is located.

What are the consequences of sites not optimized for local search?

Local search is vital for a brick-and-mortar business. People often use their smartphones to search up local businesses they pass while driving. The consequences for not optimizing for local search leads to a loss of sales. 50% of local mobile searches will lead to store visits within one day, with 18% of those searches leading to purchases.

Why do small businesses need a website?

When done properly, a website will give your business credibility and help you build brand awareness. It’s essentially another place for you to share what your business is all about with your customers.

What does every successful small business website need & what is a good example of a small business website?

Effective images, good user experience, and consistency with the rest of your brand are some elements that make a website successful. The combination of these elements should showcase your brand identity and portray a positive image of your brand to possible customers. A good example of this is 88 Keys Music Academy, a local music school in Arcadia, CA that has a lead-generating website that gets customers to sign their children up for music lessons. 

How can a website make my business more profitable? 

From building email lists to allowing users to complete their transactions in one place, a website could open the door for tons of business opportunities.

“With a website, your store will be open 24/7 to potential customers who can be browsing from anywhere, at any time.”

A website will also provide you with trackable data so that you can cater your business toward customer patterns.

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