There is a lot more work that goes into designing a website than one might think.

If you’ve had a website before, you might have stressed over where to put items or if you need another contact form or more products. How these are arranged are explained by UI and UX.

What is UI/UX Design?

UI stands for User Interface and refers to any area of your website or app that your customers can interact with. A user interface focuses heavily on design layout and the tools used to deliver the content.

UX stands for User Experience and focuses on just that; how the experience is for someone visiting your website and focuses more on the overall feel of a website and takes into consideration how the elements are perceived by a user.

Both these practices need to work together for a website to be executed effectively.
Good UI and UX can help boost your online business sales up to 20%!

How can good UI and UX boost my sales?

A good UI and UX can boost sales by making the website experience simple, trustworthy, and leave a positive impression. Information should be clear to solve user problems. Design and call to action buttons should be appealing and guide users to your website’s goal. Generally, a good UI/UX will help customers remember your brand and lead to repeat business.  

What percentage can a good UI/UX site increase my online sales? How much can a good UI/UX design boost my ecommerce site sales?

It’s said that 94% of a user’s first impressions are design-related. And 75% of a user’s judgements on the company’s credibility are based on website aesthetics. Even minor changes to your UI/UX such as changing the font and optimizing images can boost sales by up to 20%.

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