I initially intended to write about PLC (Post Launch Complacency) but after further thought, I figured it may be a bit too extensive, so I decided to just get right to the point and explain how to be proactive with your website after it has finished development.

A website is never complete!

Always maintain the thought that your website is something that grows with your business everyday! Just because the developer hands the site over to you and says it is done does not mean you’re finished, it is just the beginning!

Content is King

content is king

You may be wondering how to keep your website growing, but you aren’t a developer. Well, what drives your site to grow is not the structure or even the design of the website. What keeps your website growing is content! Some great examples of websites with little to no designs are http://www.reddit.com and http://www.craigslist.com. Their KIS or Keep It Simple methodology really works with their website, especially since it caters to… yep you guessed it, content! Although their content is user generated and shared with millions throughout the world, you can do the same at a more minimal level.

How do I create Content?

Now that you’re aware that content is essential to you, you may be wondering what is the best way to generate content. Try thinking on a micro level. Think about your industry and what your company is targeting, and think about how to put your expert knowledge to use.

Create a Blog

What is the best way to create content? You can only change your service and about page so many times, so the best way to have your website generate views and hits may be to… yep you guessed it, creating a blog.

Now here is a list of why a blog is essential:

  1. Generates fans who will follow your company
  2. Create potential clients
  3. Establish that you are an expert in your industry
  4. Google will love you.

This doesn’t mean you should just go and copy and paste other blogs from people in your industry, but that you should be writing your own blogs. Don’t worry, you can start out slow and once you’re more comfortable with writing you can bump the posts up a notch.

I Don’t have a blog on my site!

That’s okay! There are a lot of useful websites out there that can help you start your own. If anything, you can reach out to your developer and inquire if they can do anything for you, most likely than not, they can.

Of course there are other things that you can do to enhance your website such as SEO and adding new functions, but blogging is the one of the most convenient and cost efficient things you can do. So why not? Take it slow and start writing, you may not get the results you are expecting in a month but as you build up your reputation the results for your company become invaluable.