Website Wednesday: Popcorn.js


Hey everyone! For today’s Web Wednesday, we’d like to introduce you to a cool plugin called Popcorn.js, which uses the new HTML5 Video standard.

Popcorn.js is an HTML5 video framework that allows video and audio elements to interact on a webpage based on a selected time frame of the video or even live information from other online sources, such as google map, twitter, and wikipedia.

It’s a cool way to interact with a video. For example, take a look at the changes we’ve made to our introductory video:

At 4 seconds into the video we added a link to our About Us page.

At 20 secs link to Victors Facebook page

At 50 secs we added a Google map

At 1:20 change the whole website’s   background color.

So, what did you guys think? How would you use this on your own website?

Join us next Wednesday for more!