Hi I’m tony@readyartwork.com and today I’m starting the first, of hopefully many, Wednesday’s Web Word!(We’ll see how this name works out…)

Every other Wednesday, I will be introducing some Buzz Words, trending topics, and various other jargon about the Web, Technology, and/or Platforms (or even Web Technology Platforms?!). This will hopefully educate myself first (obviously), and the readership of Ready Artwork’s Blog, about these awesome words. I will try my best to define words that maybe familiar, current, and a bit interesting.

Today’s word is “Future Friendly:” 

The quantity and diversity of connected devices—many of which we haven’t imagined yet—will explode, as will the quantity and diversity of the people around the world who use them. Our existing standards, workflows, and infrastructure won’t hold up….

We want to make things that are future friendly. By anticipating what’s next, we can react to today’s concerns but also build long-term value for people and businesses.

And it’s 3 core values:

  1. Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability.
  2. Think and behave in a future-friendly way.
  3. Help others do the same.

via www.futurefriend.ly

Future friendly thinking is about considering the future of how content is displayed on the web when developing a website. What does that mean? Well, browsing the web today is no longer about sitting in front of a Desktop Computer with a keyboard and mouse. I can view Ready Artwork on my Wii, my phone, and my iPad. A few years ago, I didn’t have that, and who knows what happens in the future.

Future friendly is a collection of knowledge to address these concerns.