why you should blog

If you’re one of the 313 million Twitter users, you’re basically a blogger. Before you sit there and say to yourself, “That’s not blogging, that’s just social media” hold that thought and hear me out. Let’s take a moment and look at the idea of blogging itself. Blogging is essentially creating content and updating it regularly. Well if you look at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, it’s basically the same thing. Social media is essentially the conduit to your blog, the gateway drug that should tease what your idea or thought is. So if you’re very active on social media, not blogging is simply leaving that opportunity to waste.

Blogs are generally hosted on different types of mediums. From the early days of Xanga, to WordPress, blogging in this day and age is very easy and convenient. The biggest plus side of having your own blog hosted on your website is control. How you want it displayed, and what can be displayed is now in your complete control, and this is something social platforms don’t offer. With full control, you get to decide what content goes on your website, what is allowed, and the quality level of the content. This is now the turning point where your e-commerce, portfolio etc website now begins to differentiate itself from the rest. Anyone can build an eCommerce website and sell things, but when your website now begins to offer unique content, potential customers now have a reason to visit and make transactions

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