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The Challenge:

 SMT contacted Ready Artwork looking for an informational website that can showcase the capability of their products to their customers. They requested a website that provided a simple but clear view. SMT’s main idea for this site is to have a landing page that highlights what their materials were used for in different categories.

Ready Artwork’s Solution:

 Ready Artwork generated a clean slate informational website for SMT by providing 5 landing pages to showcase their products and services. The “Markets” page is broken down into 6 categories and which are then broken down further into 6 additional categories – explaining in detail how each raw material can be combined to produce such products. The “Products” page allows customers to see what kinds of raw materials they carry. SMT wanted to keep contact form secured, therefore, Ready Artwork created a ‘CAPTCHA’ code enabling it to eliminate spam. To keep the website coordinated and organized, Ready Artwork used a Salmon color to match SMT’s logo.