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how small business video marketing helps you win new customers

Videos. What a strange thing to wrap around. At the core, video is literally 24 frames a second. There is a device that is taking 24 photos per second and when you put all of these photos together, you get a video! How crazy is that? Fast forward to now, we currently live in the technological age that some would often say is the “unknown”. Who knows what will happen in the next 10/20 years. All we know is that, currently, you can make a video at any given moment. With the boom of social media as well as better cameras on your phones, videos can be produced non-stop, 24/7. With Instagram, you have access to their insta-stories, Instagram live, to actually record within the app. With Facebook, you have Facebook live, which allows anyone with a phone, a Facebook account and decent mobile service to live stream wherever they are.

Now you’re probably asking what does that have to do with anything? And you’re right. What is the whole point of this blog? I am writing this blog to show how indispensable video can be for any business, big or small. Video nowadays have a way to draw new customers that photos would only dream about. 10 years ago, people had zero idea what a viral video was. Now viral videos are just like flipping through the newspaper. These videos happen so often! Who remembers the “Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans” kid? When that video came out, it caused Vans stock to skyrocket because everyone wanted Vans! Or more recently with Starbucks’ Unicorn frap,

You can see what we did here:

Literally everyone who went to go get one posted it on their social media accounts. Some marketing companies like Buzzfeed, Now This, and others were all making videos about that special Unicorn drink and now Starbucks is going to make even more speciality drinks! My point is, videos are powerful marketing tools if used correctly.

Another point I’d like to make is that videos have a profound effect on start-ups and small businesses. Mainly because videos show personality that photos just can’t do anymore. Yeah you can pose goofy but it does not compare to actually seeing footage of you acting goofy. Even gifs are more effective in expressing a certain emotion than a photo. This could be a major deal for small businesses. For example, for a team building event, we went to a local business that taught us team building skills through the art of cooking.

You can see our video here:

Now it would’ve been a lot harder for you to visualize what this business did without a video. If we solely took photos, you’d probably assume it’s just a cooking class, but with the video, it is so much more. It instantly looks different and it looks more enticing. Look at all those food videos on facebook! Tasty, LA Eats, etc etc. All of those pages are doing so well because they are helping us visualize what this type of food looks like and how to make it. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that! Now here at Ready Artwork, we provide video services, so don’t hesitate contact us or give us a call at 626.400.4511 for a quote!