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Creative Director

Cofounder of Ready Artwork, Emily helped launch Ready Artwork in 2003 with a vision of helping local businesses develop strong creative and new opportunities. Though they’ve since expanded, now helping enterprise-level companies both locally and globally, Emily’s creative vision has never faltered, as she continues helping brands make their mark and find their voice in competitive digital spaces. 



Emily holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from Cal Poly Pomona along with multiple certifications highlighting her expertise in web ADA compliance, SEO, and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). She holds extensive expertise in resolving business challenges within the digital domain. All that and over 20 years as our fearless leader and cofounder. 


Emily possesses expertise in UI/UX design and digital interactions, particularly within the realms of WordPress and Shopify. One of her biggest passions is typography in print and digital spaces. 

Favorite Projects

You can’t ask a cofounder of a company what her favorite project is! She de facto loves them all. Or at least if she does have a favorite, she’s not telling us. 


Outside of her work, Emily is a lover of coffee, and living life on two wheels via motorcycle, road bike, and mountain biking. 

Fun Facts

Emily is a master of the keyboard shortcut.