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Our custom website design services are just what you need to power your business to its full earning potential. Let us guide you to the best website solutions we offer that will be the perfect fit for your e-commerce business or local brick and mortar.


Choose us if you’re looking to:
  • Increase Sales
  • Drive Traffic into your store
  • Gain credibility for your business
  • Improve your branding


The Website Design Process:
  1. The sit-down: we’ll get all of the information about what you need and we’ll provide our initial input.
  2. The planning: our design, development and project teams will collaborate to get everything we need in order.
  3. The mock-ups: the design team will get to work on building the mobile-friendly, conversion-driven designs.
  4. Building: the development team will get to work on building your website.
  5. The approval: you will get to preview your website before it goes live.
  6. The reveal: your website will go live and will be ready to bring in customers.


What does our team consist of?

Our web team is comprised of certified digital architects solely focused on a professional website designed to drive traffic online and into your store.

Depending on your business, you can learn more about our specialized website design services below.

LaView Case Study:

Security camera systems are a must for businesses and are becoming a standard item for households.

LaView takes the trouble out of getting a security camera for homes and businesses from standalone cameras to security camera systems.

LaView’s superior products are found in major retail stores such as Target and Walmart but it was time to bring an upgraded browsing experience with an innovative website.

Read below to see how we built a feature-rich e-commerce website.



LaView has a large product catalog and building a new website required adding e-commerce functionality on the Magento platform with various custom features.


The Ready Artwork development team originally started building the LaView website using a simple template.

It was also important for website visitors to be able to view videos, read through documentation and have a support center to download any related files.


Our developers integrated many features onto the new website:


One of the unique features added was the video section. Users are able to upload security footage videos from their LaView cameras. This is also a part of their social media efforts with the hashtag #CaughtOnLaView.

This feature gives customers who don’t currently have security cameras an extra reason to get one as a way to get some of these fun, unpredicted and security moments on video.

The Support Center:

The support center is the perfect resource for people who have purchased LaView products either on the website, an authorized retailer website or in store.

The FAQ section is filled with common questions users have as well as some other concerns.

The download section leads users to the app as well as user manuals, firmware and quick start guides.

The video section in the support center has tutorial videos to show users how to setup their security camera systems.


For the homepage, it was important for users to be able to find the latest deals and be guided to find the solutions that best fit their needs.

Under ‘Products’, the ‘Build Your Kit’ link is emphasized and was built as the most interactive and helpful feature for visitors.

The Build Your Kit Page:

When users visit the Build Your Kit page, they are able to see customizable options. They’re able to see a summary of their charges before adding to the cart. As items are added or removed, the summary will change accordingly in real-time thanks to the custom coding implemented by the development team.

Next, users are able to see a comparison in step 2 of the flow and also receive recommendations.

The final summary will also show the discounted price as well to show how much shoppers on the website will save.


Over the course of 8 months, overall sessions improved by 3.97%.

From the e-commerce side, revenue, transactions and the conversion rate improved by more than 900%.


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