Graphic Design is in everything we see, touch, do, or buy; we need design to communicate clear messages. Your customers will judge your business within the first 30 seconds of seeing your marketing materials. What kind of message do you want to send your customers about your brand?

“Graphic design is the professional combination of composition, colors, imagery, typography, and concept used to communicate with an intended audience.”

When you hire Ready Artwork to design any of your marketing materials, our main objective is to identify who the intended audience is and create artwork that evokes a positive emotional response from them.

Logo Design

Our logo identity and branding process consists of thorough research before drawing a variety of creative sketches and font studies. Our graphic design team collaborates with each client during every step of the process in order to produce a series of logo compositions and present a final logo that perfectly fits the clients’ vision.


Branding is the foundation of marketing. Branding happens when customers recognize your products and services as uniquely yours. This can be achieved by relevant and consistent graphic design that reinforces the unique qualities of your brand.



Packaging design has always been a big part of the Ready Artwork experience, some of the very first projects we worked on were labels and tags for manufacturers and importers. Creative packaging should not only look good, but address the concerns of the sales and marketing team, product buyers, retailers and end consumers. Depending on the product, packaging budget, target end-users, and sales channels, different packaging solutions should taken into consideration. Some common types of packaging designs and materials we have designed are: Tags and labels, industrial/wholesale boxes, retail boxes, plastic hanging clamshells, counter-top POP displays, palletized POP displays, end-cap displays, metal tins, and others. Our product packaging designs have been in major retailers such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Office Max and others ranging in products from Electronic media to Toys. Check out our Portfolios to see some samples!