For businesses that need an online store, a custom e-commerce website can help scale your business and manage your inventory and orders with ease. An effective e-commerce website will be functional, scalable, easy-to-maintain and convert visitors into customers.

Magento E-Commerce Website Design

We’re the go-to Certified Magento developer for businesses all around Los Angeles and across the United States. Each project is designated a project manager who keeps in close contact throughout the design and development process. Businesses that build their e-commerce stores on Magento gain an increase in sales of over 15% every year.

Making the move to mobile commerce means making a move to where the opportunities are. In 2019, e-commerce sales will grow to an astounding $534.95 billion, doubling its total from 6 years before.
As a business owner, you need a platform that helps you capture the same level of annual growth.

A Few Key Reasons Why Magento is Perfect For You:

  • It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily promote and manage your products. (Once your website is complete, we’ll show you how!)
  • It’s also development-friendly, meaning that if you need to expand with custom updates, our team can easily build and integrate them for you.

Key Features That Make Magento Perfect For Your E-commerce Website

1. Magento WordPress Integration

Magento and WordPress can be combined to give you the best of both worlds. An intuitive and powerful e-commerce platform with an SEO-friendly blogging and content platform. We design your website with seamless Magento and WordPress integration.

2. 1-Page Checkout

As a buyer, you’re excited about the product you’re about to buy and you’d like for the checkout process to be as quick and simple as possible. The 1-page checkout makes the process a breeze and helps prevent shopping cart abandonment.

3. Product Color Swatch

Shopping is about exploring options. By having a product color swatch, your customers will be able to easily choose from a variety of color options directly on the product page.

4. Reward Points

A reward points system will allow your customers to earn points for every purchase. You can customize the program so your loyal customers will be incentivized to come back and purchase more items from your online store!

How can a Magento e-commerce site scale my business?

A Magento e-commerce website has the capability to handle an increased or expanding workload as your business scales. This open-source platform offers complete customization with thousands of possible plug-ins. The typical Community Edition can reasonably manage about 10,000 – 200,000 products with the right optimization and server resources. If your business scales to a larger amount, Magento has an Enterprise Edition.

How Can An Effective E-Commerce Website Manage My Business?

An effective e-commerce website can manage your business by checking product inventory, rewarding your customer’s purchases, retargeting ads through social media, and automating email recovery campaigns.

How Can An E-Commerce Website Drive More Business?

An e-commerce website can drive more business by optimizing their landing and product pages.

Answering common product questions, using unique product images, and implementing SEO tactics such as using specific keyword phrases for customers to find your products in their searches will make it easier for customers to choose you over your competitors.

How Can An E-Commerce Website Convert Visitors Into Customers?

Implementing a Magento e-commerce website can convert visitors into customers by offering discounts to frequent visitors. For those who abandon products in their shopping cart, e-commerce websites can retarget customers by offering loyalty programs, creating urgency through private and flash sales, and streamlining the purchase process.

What’s The Percentage of Sales Gained Using An E-Commerce Store?

Depending on your business, any goals you set for your e-commerce store can be reached. E-commerce can be 100% of your business, or operate as a convenient option for your customers to convert their previous in-store visit. E-commerce sales are expected to increase to be about 10% of total retail sales. 

What’s the Increase of Sales for Businesses Using a Custom Magento Website?

An increase in sales often depends on how much setup is invested in the new website. While a generic e-commerce platform may be acceptable for a business showcasing only a few product, expanding your product list into the thousands will require investing in a custom e-commerce platform. This can make the switch to a larger platform more cost effective later on.

Why is Magento Perfect for Me?

Magento powers 28% of websites across the internet and hosts 16% of the top one million websites. Magento is great for e-commerce businesses who want to invest in their long-term growth. The Magento platform also offers advanced tools for SEO and offers unlimited design flexibility.

Why use Magento instead of Shopify/Zen Cart/BigCommerce?

Magento’s open source software allows for complete control over your e-commerce website and the option to modify any feature available, with thousands of free and paid extensions and plugins.

Zen Cart is also open-sourced, but lacks SEO tools. This option is likely better for those who are not planning on generating high volumes of sales or are not too worried about scalability.

Since Shopify and BigCommerce have limited customization, they are likely better for businesses who have little web development skills. Switching to a different e-commerce platform from both of these sites is also not an easy option since FTP/SSH access is unavailable.

Check Ready Artwork’s more detailed guides on the differences here:

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What are some key features that make Magento perfect for my E-commerce website?

Some key Magento e-commerce features are:

  1. WordPress Seamless Integration – Magento’s e-commerce features combined with WordPress’
    SEO-friendly blogging platform gives the best of both worlds.
  2. One-Page Checkout – Offers a simple checkout process to prevent shopping cart
  3. Product Color Swatch – Gives customers a variety of product options.
  4. Reward Points System – Incentivizes loyal customers with a customizable rewards
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