Facebook Ad Management

Facebook Ad Management


Ready Artwork has been managing client Facebook accounts for several years. In 2014, Facebook made it more difficult for brands to reach their audiences organically.


For this particular account, the client’s brand needed more brand recognition. The challenge was reaching the right audience with appealing imagery.


Ready Artwork’s marketing team conducted research about the existing fans of the page in order to get a better understanding of the audience and the types of photos that interest them. The decision was made to create a better sense of a lifestyle that matched the brand by incorporating fun scenery and some of the most colorful shoes. The posts were then ‘boosted’ using Facebook’s boost option. A combination of a vivid and creative photo along with reaching a new audience through targeting and research resulted in the following:

  • The post reached more than 16,000 people organically

  • More than 65,000 total people reached


  • More than 100 comments

The residual effect of this one post resulted in more than 200 clicks on the Facebook page’s call-to-action and dozens of comments inquiring where to purchase the shoes.

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