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Typography 101: Find Your Font Personality

Everyday, people read articles online, visit websites, and search the web for information – all of which include the written word. Although few people are aware of its existence, typography plays a huge role in our daily lives. Different fonts have different personalities.  Each font style conveys a different message. The following few examples of fonts do an amazing job of showing their character and defining their font personality:

Serif fonts, which are the fonts that have little “feet” at the end of their “legs,” create a more classic, timeless feeling.  A great example is the logo of jewelry company Tiffany & Co.

Serif fonts also have a more serious and refined feeling, such as this Moleskin logo. 

Bolded serif fonts, such as the font used for Vogue Magazine, have a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Sans-serif fonts, which are the fonts without little “feet,” are usually neutral and universal.  They also have a more modern feel to them, with their clean lines.  There are hundreds of sans-serif fonts, but the most widely recognized is probably Arial.  The most distinguishable example of the use of a sans-serif font today is none other than the Facebook logo.

Script, handwriting fonts garner a more casual and artsy look because they look as if they were written by hand, like in the Instagram logo – whereas script fonts are very elegant and romantic.

Many other factors of fonts aside from the font itself also affect the aesthetic of a design.  Just to name a few, the spacing between letters, color scheme of the words, and capitalization of words also play significant roles in a design. To explore more about the styles and character of different fonts, this infographic from is a quick and comprehensive guide to typography.

typography personality

Fonts and styles have the power to grab your audience while reinforcing your message.  Go and explore the world of typography! There are millions for you to sift through and choose from.

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