Crystal Chalet is an officially authorized retailer of Swarovski, Pandora, and Tous located in Irvine. The client came to us wanting ads and branding to boost brand awareness and eventually sales.


The main challenge with this account was to create ads that would convert sales and generate traffic to their Irvine store.


Before we could create any Facebook ads, our team needed to do research on their target customers and what type of content they would most likely respond to. From this initial research, we found that most of their customers only speak Chinese so moving forward we made sure that our ads and posts were bilingual to reach a larger audience.


In order to reach a larger pool of customers, our team helped boost Facebook posts, ran like campaigns to gather more fans on the Facebook page and we ran local ads to specifically target people to actually go into the store. Every month, we would run product-specific ads to promote a set of products that the client wanted to push. These ads on average would reach 15,000 people and have 8,000 engagements.

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