Jasmine House is a local Chinese restaurant in the Alhambra area. They’ve been in business for a couple of years and the owner, Chef Lupe, has another restaurant in Chinatown, Hop Woo.


Jasmine House is located on a busy part of Downtown Alhambra but didn’t seem to be getting much foot traffic in comparison to the other businesses nearby. So the goal of our ads was to bring in more customers.


Our marketing team sat down to first figure out an ideal persona for Jasmine House and what kind of deals or ads would potentially get them in the door. We wanted to target people local to the area so that they would want to go eat at Jasmine House.


After much discussion and brainstorming, we decided that a BOGO deal for one of their signature dishes the BBQ Rice Plate would be the best way to entice customers. We put this ad on Instagram and let it run for a week. In addition, we were sure to promote it on their own Instagram feed through stories and posts. As a result, many people came in to claim the deal and even leave positive reviews on Yelp because of the deal! It was such a success, we decided to implement the same deal and ad for the Chinatown restaurant, Hop Woo.

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