The life of Magento 1.9 is coming to an end soon meaning that all support for anything that is not on Magento 2 is getting killed off.

You do have some time to make your decision but the pressure is on because Magento has announced that 1.9 support is ending in June of 2020.

The reason why you need to start your decision-making process is now is that this entire process will take some time. Here’s a simplified sample timeline:

3 months – Pre-planning

It’s important to assess your goals. What are you hoping to achieve with your online business? Once you have those goals determined, you can begin moving towards development.

6-10 months – Development

Magento 2 is a powerful platform and does take some time to develop. Depending on how many features, products and a number of other factors, your website can take anywhere from 6-10 months to develop.

3-4 months – Learning the new platform

Even though the backend of Magento 2 is more user-friendly and for the most part easier to learn, it does take some time to master it. Giving yourself 3-4 months should make you feel more confident to run your store smoothly.

As an official Magento Partner, they have provided us with an infographic on making the that you can see here.

Moving to Magento 2 Infographic

You can also learn more on our Magento 2 page.

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