The sun is shining, students are on summer vacation but now is the time to be thinking of your holiday marketing strategies. It seems far away but now is the time to get started. Did you know that 40% of consumers complete their holiday shopping before the end of October? You have 6 months to prepare for the holidays and here’s a timeline of things you’ll need to consider leading up to the holidays:


  • Analyze what you’ve done in the past to see what has worked well for your business as well as for your competitors. Also consider current industry trends that are successful.
  • From your research, strategize what to do next. Do you want to send newsletters? Do you want to run ads? Have a idea of what you want to do.
  • Decide on your budget to use each month for ads.


  • Start connecting with relevant influencers and see how many are willing to help you promote your business or specific product.
  • Make sure you have inventory and that your website is up to date to handle the traffic from holiday season.


  • Finalize your promotional calendar, if you need suggestions here is our marketing calendar. You should try to plan a schedule that goes all the way through February. This should include blog topics, coupons, social content and detailed content for promotions.
  • Determine how many campaigns will you will run and the best time of day/best day of the week to drive traffic.
  • Look into options to encourage more newsletter subscribers so that during the holiday season, there will be more people looking at your newsletters.
  • Prepare your Halloween campaigns so that they are ready to run in October. Are you going to run giveaways? Sales? Have these campaigns ready ahead of time.


  • Make sure that your SEO strategy is in place as it takes time for search engines to index and rank your website.
  • Prepare your Thanksgiving and Black Friday campaigns so that they are ready to run in November.

Look for another calendar update in October when we’ll provide an even more detailed checklist for optimizing your holiday marketing strategy. Need help planning out your holiday strategy? Let our team of expert marketers guide your business into success this holiday season!

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